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Portuguese nationality can be obtained on several grounds.

Nationality can be primary, which occurs in the following cases:

  1. a) The children of a Portuguese mother or Portuguese father born in Portuguese territory;
  2. b) The children of a Portuguese mother or Portuguese father born abroad if the Portuguese parent is working for the Portuguese State;
  3. c) The children of a Portuguese mother or Portuguese father born abroad if they have registered his birth in the Portuguese civil registry or declare that they wish him to be Portuguese;
  4. d) Individuals born abroad with at least one ascending Portuguese national on the 2nd degree and in direct line;
  5. e) Individuals born in Portuguese territory with foreign parents, if at least one parente was also born here and has his residence here, regardless of title, at the time of birth;
  6. f) Individuals born in Portuguese territory, children of foreigners who are not on servisse for their state, if they declare that they want to be Portuguese, provided that, at birth, one of the parents has legally resides in Portugal for at least five years;
  7. g) Individuals born in Portuguese territory that do not have any other nationality.

The acquisition of nationality can also be acquired by will in the case of children or unabled persons whose father or mother has acquired Portuguese nationality by statement, or in the case of a foreigner married for over three years with Portuguese national or that, at the time of the statement, is living in de facto union for more than three years with a Portuguese national, after recognition of such a situation is recognised by the civil court.

Finally, it is possible to acquire portuguese nationality by naturalization by foreigners of age legally residing in Portuguese territory for at least six years, that have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language, provided they have not been convicted of a crime punishable with a maximum prison sentence of over three years, under Portuguese law and does not represent a danger or threat to the security or national defense.

Children are also granted citizenship by naturalization upon request provided that one of the parents llegally resides for at least five years in Portugal, or the child has, at least, completed the 1st cycle of basic education here.

The acquisition of nationality by naturalization of individuals born in Portuguese territory is also possible, if they are children of foreigners who, although are not legal in Portugal for six years here, have had here resided habitually for at least 10 years  preceding the application.

Our services include the collection of all the forms and documents needed for such purposes, establishing all the necessary communications and customer follow-ups before the Portuguese authorities.


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