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Almeida, Dias & Associados – Law Firm

Almeida, Dias & Associados Law Firm was founded in 2009 by two lawyers each with considerable experience in various fields.

Currently, Almeida, Dias & Associados has a varied team of lawyers specialized in different areas of law such as Sports Law (Sports & Entertainment), Administrative Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law and Family Law.

The values and ethical principles of accuracy, transparency and independence, which are shared by all the Firm’s employees, allied with the excellence of services provided, are the true foundation of the Firm.

Almeida, Dias & Associados has a worldwide basis, with clients in the five continents and even though the primary focus of the firm is on the Portuguese market, it has working offices in Lisbon and Tomar (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil).

Practice Areas

Golden Visa

The Portuguese Residence Permit for Investment Activity, commonly known as Golden Visa, is one of the most attractive programs for international investors. Learn more here.

Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime

The Non-habitual residence is a legal regime granting certain tax benefits to individuals that become Portuguese tax residents, according to national rules. Learn more here.

What our clients say

  • I’m from the U.S.A and recently retired here in Portugal. My experience with Almeida, Dias & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados SPRL, specifically with Drª. Lilia, at this firm, has been nothing less than outstanding. I won’t get into matters that are unique to me, but just say that her professionalism, dedication and knowledge on matters of residency of foreigners, tax law and other matters of legal counseling have had me feel nothing less than confidence that all will be well. I would, without reservation, recommend their services at this firm.

    Gary Hodges
  • Compromisso, profissionalismo, cordialidade, presteza e eficácia resumem a minha percepção sobre os serviços prestados pela Sociedade de Advogados AD, contratada por meio do escritório no Brasil, para homologação e validação de minha sentença de divórcio junto à Conservatória em Portugal. Processo iniciado em 27/08/2018 e concluído, com êxito, em 08/05/2019.

    Mário Cunha
  • Fiquei muito satisfeito com o atendimento e do trabalho da Dr. Lília Portugal. Tenho muito gosto em já ser cliente da Almeida, Dias e Associados faz 2 anos. Obrigada por tudo!

    Walid Labbaq

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